New site under construction on Dry Eye Nutrition.

Dry eye nutrition is a hot topic at this time.  All the conference halls are packed with Doctors wanting to learn more about Dry eye nutrition at the large continuing education meetings. Dry eye will plague all of us sooner or later. Most of the current treatments do not treat the cause and only temporarily masks the symptoms.  This new site will educate the viewer on becoming pro active in their future ocular health and total health. This site will give valuable information in regards to supplements for dry eye, dietary changes for dry eye, life style modifications to help dry eye etc….. Dry eye nutrition is an area that Dr. Michael Lange optometric physician and nutrition specialist has a passion for and has been involved in  dry eye nutrition for over 20 years. Dr. Lange started the Fortifeye Vitamin company almost ten years ago to bring science based supplements to the dry eye population around the world.  Please return to this site  a few weeks from now to see what kind of progress has been made. In the mean time Dr. Lange has prepared an in depth article on nutrition for dry eyes at this link;